CI5 Mini Contactors


The CI 5- mini contactor covers the power range up to 5.5 kW, they are available for AC and DC coil
voltages enabling reliable working with extremely low and high voltage fluctuations.

Characteristic of the mini contactors is that they are compact and suitable for applications where
space is at a premium. With add-on auxiliary contact blocks, timers and other additional
accessories they off er high flexibility.

The CI 5- ensures safety against electric shock by extra protective distance
between housing surfaces and live parts.The CI 5- programme includes dedicated
bimetallic overload protection relay with a differential mechanism for sensitivity to phaseloss conditions.

Contactor Coil Codes
13 24V 50/60 Hz
23 110V 50Hz, 120V 60Hz
32 230V 50/60 Hz
37 400V 50/60 Hz
02 24V DC

When ordering a Mini Contactor please add the coil voltage code to the end of the order code.
For example 037H3502-13 = A 3 pole 1 NO – 24v 50/60 hz contactor.

Order Code Type                   400-690 V kW Amps AC3 Main Contacts Built in Auxiliaries
037H3502 CI5-5-10 2.2 4.9  3 1 NO 
037H3503 CI5-5-01  2.2  4.9  1 NC 
037H3504 CI5-9-10  8.5  1 NO 
037H3505  CI5-9-01  8.5  1 NC 
037H3506  CI5-9-M40  8.5   
037H3507  CI5-12-10  5.5  11.5  1 NO 
037H3508  CI5-12-01  5.5  11.5  1 NC 
CI5 Data sheet