RT EX Rated Differential Pressure Switch

The Danfoss RT-E series Differential pressure switches for R717, HCFC, HFC and HC refrigerants. 
Designed for industrial refrigeration and general industrial
application in explosive zones acc. to 94/9/EC,
Atex directive, explosive zone 1, for surface
equipment, category 2.It includes usage in refrigeration systems
with ammonia, hydrocarbons and other
applications where presence of flammable
gases, vapours and mists are likely to occur.RT-E differential pressure switches are for use in
explosive zones incorporate SPDT
changeover switch where contact position
depends on pressure.
* Designed for use in explosive zone 1,
* Versions with enclosure IP66,
* Stainless steel frame,
* Metallised front cover without window,
* Gold plated contacts.
* CE marked, according to EN 60947-4/-5
* IECEx ITS 12.0070X
* China Compulsory Certificate, CCC
* GOST (- certificate covers temperature controls only.
The certificate for pressure controls is not required)
Connection (“) –  G 3/8 + welded nipple
OrderCode Type Regulating Range(Bar) Diff. (Bar) OP.Range L.P Bellows (Bar) Max.WorkingPressure PS
017D003666 RT260AE 0.5 > 4 0.3 -1 > 18 22
017D003066 RT260AE 0.1 > 1.5 0.1 -1 > 9 11
* Only types with letter A are suitable for R717               2) Max. working pressure acc. to PED is limited to 28 bar
 RT Data Sheet