EV220B 15-50

EV220B 15-50 servo-operated 2/2-way solenoid valves

EV220B 15-50 is a universal indirect servo-operated 2/2-way solenoid valve program. Valve body in brass, dezincification resistant brass and stainless steel ensures that a broad variety of application can be covered. Built-in pilot filter as standard, adjustable closing time and enclosures up to IP67 ensures optimal performance even under critical working conditions.


• 2/2-way  • Servo-operated  • DN 15 – DN 50  • Valve body available in brass, DZR brass, gun metal or stainless steel   • NC and NO versions   • ISO 228/1 or NPT thread connection (EVSI and EVSI-U)   • Built in filter for protection of pilot system   • Water hammer damped   • Adjustable closing time available)

EV220B NC EV220B-15-50 NO EV220B 15-50
Normally Closed Version Normally Open Version EV220B 15-50 Spares
Valve which is closed when the coil is not energised Valve which is open when the coil is not energised  
EV220B 15-50 Datasheet
EV220B 15-50 Data sheet