How to Identify your Current Danfoss Solenoid valve

The EV210B or EV220B part numbers can be found on the armature tube or alternatively a descriptive part number can also be found on the armature tube.

Identification of Danfoss solenoid valves:

  • Illustration 1  – Shows the label with relevant information
    that is attached to the coil.
    The example here is from an EV220B solenoid valve:
    15: 15 mm orifice
    B: Brass body material
    G 12: ISO 228/1, 1/2 inch connection
    E: EPDM seal material
    NC: Normally closed
  • Illustration 2 – The coil type (BB230AS) is printed on the front of
    the coil as well as voltage (V) and frequency (Hz)
If the the coil label cannot be read, the valve can be identified from the letter/
number combination stamped in the valve body.
Valve identification missing
If no code is stamped in the valve, the following
information will be of great help when ordering
Danfoss solenoid valves as replacements:
• Application (closed circuit, open system or drain application)?
• Function (de-energised open or closed)?
• End connection?
• Medium (water, oil, air, etc.)?
• kv value?
• Coil voltage?
• Alternating (ac) or direct current (dc)?