BE Coil

BE Coils Danfoss
BE Coils – Coils for industrial valves

Design In accordance with VDE 0580. Voltage tolerance 220 and 380 V a.c. coils: +10%, -15%. 230/400 V a.c. coils: +6%, -10%. Other a.c. coils with NC valve: +10%, -15%. Other a.c. coils with NO valve and all d.c. coils: ― 10%. Power consumption, cut in 44 VA a.c. coils only Insulation of coil windings Class H according to IEC 85. Connection BE – coils : Terminal box, Pg 13.5; Enclosure, IEC 529 IP 67. Ambient temperature Max. +50°C /+80°C. Duty rating Continuous

Standard Range Order Codes:

IP Protection: IP67
Watts: 10W AC/18WDC
For use with Valves: EV210B, EV220B 6-22, EV220B 15-50, EV220B 65-100, EV250B
Comes with: IP67 Cable plug fitted as standard
AC Coil Order Codes:  
24V 50Hz 018F6707
48V 50Hz 018F6709
115V 50Hz 018F6711
220-230V 50Hz 018F6701
240V 50Hz 018F6702
380-400V 50Hz 018F6703
DC Coil Order Codes:  
12V 018F6756
24V 018F6757
 BE Coil Data Sheet  

 ** Please note imprinted on the AC standard coil is the part code for the coil that does not include the connection box (plug). If you require the connection box please order the standard BE.

Please note Danfoss are no longer selling the 48 & 115 VAC – without connection box versions even though the part number is still stamped on the standard coils.

BE AS Coil IP20

BE Coil AS BS CS with Box

Full BE Range Order Codes:
  Standard BE Coil 50Hz

BE Coil 50Hz Without Connection Box

 60Hz BE Coil 50/6Hz BE Coil
Descrip.Code: AS AS BS CS
IP Protection: IP67 IP20  IP67 IP67
C.Plug Type: ConnectionBox No ConnectionBox  ConnectionBox ConnectionBox
AC Coils:        
24v  018F6707 018F6182  018F6715   
48v  018F6709 018F6184 (N/A.)    
100v       018F6729
110v       018F6730
115v  018F6711 018F6186  (N/A.) 018F6710   
220v     018F6714  
220-230v  018F6701 018F6176    018F6732
240v  018F6702 018F6177  018F6713  
380-400v  018F6703 018F6178     
DC Coils:        
12v 018F6756      
24v 018F6757