BG Coils

BG Coil
BG Coils – Coils for industrial valves
BG, High performance coils
Tough applications, with IP67, 12W ac / 20W dc, IP67

  • Clip-on system for fast, easy fitting and removal
  • Encapsulated coils with long operation life
  • Ambient temperature: Up to +80°C
  • IP 67 for moist environments with terminal box

Order Codes:

IP Protection: IP67
Watts: 12W AC/20WDC
For use with Valves: EV210B, EV220B 6-22, EV220B 15-50, EV220B 65-100, EV250B
Comes with: IP67 Cable plug fitted as standard
AC Coil Order Codes:  
24V 50Hz 018F6807
110V 50Hz 018F6811
220-230V 50Hz 018F6801
240V 50Hz 018F6802
380-400V 50Hz 018F6803
DC Coil Order Codes:  
12V  018F6856
24V 018F6857
AC 60Hz Coil Order Codes:  
24V 60Hz 018F6815
110V 60Hz 018F6813
220V 60Hz 018F6814
 BG Coils Data Sheet