BO Coils

BO Danfoss Coil

BO Coil – Coils for explosive areas

For explosion-risk environments, such as where flammable liquids and gases are produced, transported or tapped

• Approvals for use in Zone 1 according to Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX 100A) EN50014 and EN50028

• Medium temperature: Up to +90°C  –  Ambient temperature: Up to +40°C

• IP 67 version with 5 m 3-core flying lead

• Seal kit as a.c.cessory for extremely wet and aggressive environments                                                                               Voltage tolerance ― 10%  Insulation of coil windings Class H according to IEC 85. Connection 5 m 3-core flying lead

IP Protection: IP67
Watts: 10W AC/11W DC
For use with Valves: ALL B Series Valves
AC Coil Order Codes  
24V 50/60Hz 018Z6595
110V 50/60Hz 018Z6593
230V 50/60Hz 018Z6592
240V 50/60Hz 018Z6591
DC Coil Order Codes  
24V 018Z6596
BO Coil Data Sheet