Steam Valve – EV225B

EV225B servo-operated 2/2-way solenoid valves for steam

EV225B is a servo-operated 2/2-way solenoid valve for use in steam application. The design is based on a PTFE diaphragm concept, ensuring high reliable function even in connection with contaminated steam. Valve body in dezincification resistant brass and valve seats made in stainless steel for ensuring a long life even in connection with aggressive steam media. Coil type BR can be used on EV225B.

• 2/2-way   • Specifically designed for steam applications   • Servo-operated   • DN 6 – DN 25   • Ambient temperature: +40°C   • G 1/4” to G 1”   • DZR brass valve body   • NC (normally closed)   • ISO 228/1 or UL listed version with NPT for North America  (EVSIS)

EV225B NC EV225B Spares EV225B Data Sheet
Normally Closed Version EV225B Spares EV225B Data Sheet
Valve which is closed when the coil is not energised