KPS With Remote Sensor & 8M Capillary Tube


 KPS With Remote Sensor & Capillary Tube








 ** 8M Version No longer available **  

Contact Type: SPDT
Contact material: Gold plated silver
Loads: AC-1 ohmic 10A 400V
AC-3 (motor) 6A 400v
AC-15 (inductive) 4A 400V
Ambient Temperature -40 to 70°c

OrderCode NowObsolete Type Set.Range°C  Mech. Diff. Adjustable  °C Max Sensor Temperature°C  Suitable Sensor length (mm) Alternative 2M version Alternative 8M Armoured Version
060L3125 KPS79 50 > 100 4 > 16 200 110, 160 060L3105 060L3124

^ Thermostats fitted with Neon lamp connected to terminal 4

RT Data Sheet