Thermostatic Valves

AVTA thermostatic valves are widely used for temperature control in many different sorts of equipment and installations where cooling is required.   – Self-acting thermostatic valves for accurate cooling flow control based on sensor temperature   – Capillary sensor with adsorption charge, mass charge or universal charge, depending on application.  –  Open on rising temperature. –   Brass or stainless steel valve body. 
Adsorption charge Universal Charge Mass Charge

Adsorption Charge 

Univeral Charge

Mass charge

The charge consists of active carbon and CO2 which is adsorbed onfalling sensor temperature and thereby produce pressure changes in the element.The sensor can be installed in any position as far as orientation and temperature are concerned

The charge is a mix of liquid and gas where the liquid surface (sensingpoint) is alway inside the sensor. The sensor can be installed colder or warmer than the valve. 

The charge is a mix of liquid and gas. Due to the volumetric conditions the sensor must be installed warmer than the valve, since the liquid surface (sensing point) must be in the sensor. 

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Sensor Pockets 

For AVTA Thermostatic Valves

  AVTA Data Sheet