VLT3000 Danfoss Obsolete model

The VLT3000 was Danfoss’s leading Industrial drive from 1989 -1996. This range has now been replaced by the FC302 drive. 

Below is the list of the old part number and the new equivalent part numbers.

IP20/21 – Standard Drives
Type kW  Without RFI With RFI   FC302 Current Replacement
VLT3002 1.1     175H7238   FC302P1K1 131B0036
VLT3003 1.5      175H7242   FC302P1K5 131B0037
VLT3004 2.2      175H7246   FC302P2K2 131B0038
VLT3006     175H7264   FC302P4K0 131B0040
VLT3008 5.5      175H7268   FC302P5K5 131B0041
VLT3011 7.5  175H7272   175H7273   FC302P7K5 131B0042
VLT3016 11  175H7280   175H7281   FC302P11K 131B1152
VLT3022 15  175H7288   175H7289   FC302P15K 131B1155
VLT3032 22  175H1671   175H1672   FC302P22K 131B1864
VLT3042 30  175H1679   175H1680   FC302P30K 131B4574
VLT3052 37  175H1687   175H1688   FC302P37K 131B4576


IP54 – Standard Drives
Type kW Without RFI With RFI   FC302 Current Replacement
VLT3002 1.1     175H7240   FC302P1K1 131B1976
VLT3003 1.5      175H7244   FC302P1K5 131B1977
VLT3004 2.2      175H7248   FC302P2K2 131B1978
VLT3006     175H7266   FC302P4K0 131B1980
VLT3008 5.5      175H7270   FC302P5K5 131B1546
VLT3011 7.5  175H7276   175H7277   FC302P7K5 131B1547
VLT3016 11  175H7284   175H7285   FC302P11K 131B1168
VLT3022 15  175H7292   175H7293   FC302P15K 131B1167
VLT3032 22  175H1675   175H1676   FC302P22K 131B1874
VLT3042 30  175H1683   175H1684   FC302P30K 131B4575
VLT3052 37  175H1691   175H1692   FC302P37K 131B4577


IP20 – Standard With Brake
Type kW  Without RFI With RFI   FC302 Current Replacement
VLT3002 1.1      175H7239   FC302P1K1 131B0046
VLT3003 1.5      175H7243   FC302P1K5 131B0047
VLT3004 2.2      175H7247   FC302P2K2 131B0048
VLT3006     175H7265   FC302P4K0 131B0050
VLT3008 5.5      175H7269   FC302P5K5 131B0051
VLT3011 7.5  175H7274   175H7275   FC302P7K5 131B0052
VLT3016 11  175H7282   175H7283   FC302P11K 131B1557
VLT3022 15  175H7290   175H7291   FC302P15K 131B1696
VLT3032 22  175H1673   175H1674   FC302P22K 131B1522
VLT3042 30  175H1681   175H1682   FC302P30K 131B5977
VLT3052 37  175H1689   175H1690   FC302P37K 131B5978


IP54 – Standard With Brake
Type  kW Without RFI With RFI   FC302 Current Replacement
VLT3002 1.1      175H7241   FC302P1K1 131B2389
VLT3003 1.5      175H7245   FC302P1K5 131B1764
VLT3004 2.2      175H7249   FC302P2K2 131B2390
VLT3006     175H7267   FC302P4K0 131B2391
VLT3008 5.5      175H7271   FC302P5K5 131B2392
VLT3011 7.5  175H7278   175H7279   FC302P7K5 131B1067
VLT3016 11  175H7286   175H7287   FC302P11K 131B1627
VLT3022 15  175H7294   175H7295   FC302P15K 131B1177
VLT3032 22  175H1677   175H1678   FC302P22K 131B1523
VLT3042 30  175H1685   175H1686   FC302P30K 131B3265
VLT3052 37  175H1693   175H1694   FC302P37K 131B4592


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Find below data sheet for obsolete VLT2000 Drives
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